The accordionist Théo Ould, the bassist Pierre-Antoine Despatures and the violinist Elsa Moatti met in 2018 around the transcription of the Baal Shem tryptic by Ernest Bloch. That piece composed in the first half of the twentieth century depicts « Three Scenes of the Hassidic Life » and conveys all the accents of the Eastern European Jewish traditions, both on the mystic and popular dimensions. The Baal Shem piece was initially composed for violin and piano, then transcribed by Bloch himself for violin and orchestra; it aroused the three musicians' desire for an exploration of a version where the violin is united with these two other strong folkloric identity instruments that the accordion and the bass are.

    From there was born the Hémisphères Trio, searching and modeling a link between the so-called academic music and its origins from the popular world.

    They also venture in the Brahms, Bartók, Liszt, and Piazzolla repertoires … uniting the roots of their instruments to ring their nomad souls, and carrying along traditional melodies, personal compositions and improvisations.

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